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The Enigma of Clarence Thomas by Corey Robin

It’s amazing to consider that the news that Thomas had been caught taking undisclosed gifts from a conservative billionaire came out only 2 years after this book, but it does highlight my single issue with what is otherwise an excellent, impeccably written and thoroughly researched investigation - this wacky supreme court justice is interesting to the extent that his twisted belief system makes any sense, but the more it comes out that he’s just a corrupt death cultist, the less relevance there is to his future jurisprudence (and his past, retroactively) that he was once a black nationalist. 


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dulevoz  is a mesmerizing collection of lengthy high-def videos from trains traveling through Serbia and Montenegro, made with obvious care and love for the trains and the view. 

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Both the sci-fi elements and the scientist characters are really fun and involving in this carl sagan book adaptation - but on the other hand the love interest is really annoying and the movie should’ve been 30 minutes shorter. 

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I really wanted to like this well-researched history of the post 9/11 reconstruction effort, but it’s just too poorly written to be worth the effort, with everything from confusing organization of timelines to ambiguous sentence construction hindering what is already a very dry (albeit important and fascinating) topic.