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Showing posts from December, 2023

the long goodbye (1973)

I absolutely adored this hard boiled detective story (adapted from a classic Raymond Chandler novel), primarily because it was taut, exciting, cool, with great characters and stylish scenes, but equally as much because there is something irresistible and hilarious about Elliot Gould as a sardonic world-weary private eye. 

Network (1976)

Network (1976) exemplifies what I love about 70s movies - bold, creative, hilariously written, and poignant, and altho it slows down and loses its pace a bit in the third act, I would still heartily recommend this sharp drama to anyone interested. 

asteroid city (2023)

I think it's easy to criticize the later Anderson movies for being very stylized, often repetitively so, but to me (and I am in general a big Wes fan) Asteroid City was impressively weird, creatively constructed, and if it tried too hard in the process, well, that's an acceptable price for breaking the mold.