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turn every page (2022)

I was clued into this documentary about Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb by a friend and fellow history nerd and I’m so glad I was; watching the Bobs on screen would be a treat in even the most perfunctory recording, but this careful investigation into their history and methods is simply lovely. 

the house of rothschild volume 1 by niall ferguson

This economic history of the rothschild family from 1798 to 1848 is as dense and unforgiving as that sounds, and altho it gave me a fascinating look at the give and take of politics and money in that era, as well as a truly unique perspective on the personalities involved in the formation of this dynasty, it was quite challenging to follow all the hundreds of historical figures that the book expected me to already know. 

lone star (1996)

I have conflicted feelings about this south texas drama - the race relation themes and the classic western vibes work really well, but the movie just has too many simultaneous plot lines going on, and suffers from a lack of focus. 

contact 1997

Both the sci-fi elements and the scientist characters are really fun and involving in this carl sagan book adaptation - but on the other hand the love interest is really annoying and the movie should’ve been 30 minutes shorter.