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killing hope by william blum

This history book has a very strong tankie bias that was evident to me almost immediately, at which point (10% into the book, in the section on the greek civil war) I checked a random citation and discovered a fairly obvious error in research right away - so probably 90%+ of the book is accurate and obviously quite damning of the US manipulation and ruination of other countries around the world over the last 100 years, but I personally can’t trust this book, and can’t commit to spending any more time on it. 

the constant gardener by john le carre

reading this long british spy drama is an exercise in verisimilitude - one feels, with each patient, slow, wonderfully written page, that one is joining the story, or at least helping create it, a story which, like life, plods along at its own inexorable pace, bringing one with it, teaching harsh lessons the whole way.