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true romance (1993)

come for the early celebrity cameos from brad pitt, sam l jackson, val kilmer and tony soprano, but leave early for the 90s racism and misogyny, generally weird tone and bad ending - slater's character is annoying and made me wish the movie was about someone else. 

never let me go by kazuo ishiguro (2005)

Never Let Me Go is incisive and fascinating in its description of boarding school and childhood, but is meanwhile set in a sad, disturbing, difficult situation which, altho fantastical, feels extremely true to home - so unless all that sad and disturbing stuff sounds special to you (and it is special, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not necessarily special in an enjoyable way), I have trouble recommending it. 

over the garden wall (2014)

this mini series cartoon fever dream asks you to just relax into it, open your eyes, let it drift through your consciousness and out the other side - if you resist you might not really “get it”, but if you play along you’ll have a healing, magical experience.