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Mating by Norman Rush

This fictional account of an anthropologist in Botswana in the early 80s is a masterpiece of literature - I’ve never read any other novels by the author but one gets the sense that anything he writes would be worth reading, although it is worth mentioning that this is a very demanding, difficult read, spanning many languages and allusions. 

grey gardens (1976)

This is a famous documentary about some weird relatives of JFK living an isolated and sad life in the east hamptons, and while I wouldn’t go into it looking for an action movie, it is actually surprisingly entertaining and quite thought-provoking. 

moxyland by lauren beukes

Altho pieces of it feel a little dated (pretty common for a near-future sci-fi written more than a decade ago) and the plot is sometimes a bit contrived, the world building and action of this heavy dystopian thriller make it a page turning success.