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Showing posts from January, 2023

little murders (1971)

Definitely artsy, interspersed with amazing moments (young donald sutherland as a hippie priest is my favorite, also plenty of great views of early 70s new york), this nihilistic romance drama can't quite decide if it's silly or serious, and is unfortunately a bit too scattered and uneven to achieve greatness.

moonfall (2022)

if you need a really sloppy mass market sci-fi action thriller this one’s got it all - hilariously inconsistent science and worldbuilding, stilted dialog, obvious and boring plot, and a whole ton of flashy fun cgi. 

knives out glass onion (2022)

This second installment of this very recent daniel craig detective franchise is less funny than the first, but still plenty entertaining, engaging, dramatic, silly (also have to mention janelle monae's acting, which absolutely bodies everyone else’s) - and fairly satisfying if a bit dumb throughout. 

white lotus season 2

Season 2 of this acclaimed show had a few great characters and was entertaining in a much more over the top way, which I'm sure helped make it very popular but to me kind of ruined the lovely storytelling and subtlety of the original - the writing just took too many easy shortcuts.