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shorting the grid by meredith angwin

Even though the entire book could have been one sentence (“regulatory capture by natural gas is hurting grid reliability by reducing nuclear”), and even though a deeper dive into the social mechanisms of that regulatory capture maybe would have been more useful, this book does deftly prove its point and provide a fascinating look into the kafkaesque nightmare that is the american electrical grid.

porco rosso (1992)

It’s so impressive for a work of art to push the envelope with an off-kilter concept and end up with a brilliant success, but this ghibli masterpiece does - and i’d also note that for once the english dub is the better choice. 

true grit (2010)

this coen brothers jeff bridges western classic is funny, fun, beautifully executed, but kind of falls over in the last 15 minutes and i have a lot of ideas about how i’d fix it but they won’t fit into this sentence.