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cocktail (1988)

they should call it Longtale. 
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concrete cowboy (2021)

Idris Elba and the other actors are amazing, the setting is wonderful, the story drags on a bit and gets a little corny/predictable at times, but overall a touching real life look at an underappreciated slice of North Philly. 

the painter and the thief (2020)

I found this northern European documentary story about art and friendship to be interesting, mostly engaging, and fairly fun - but I could never forget, throughout the whole thing, that there was a totally unacknowledged person in the room, recording every interaction we saw. 

wedding crashers (2005)

obviously not much needs be restated about this dorky, vulgar, often hilarious movie, but there's something different and compelling about the way Wilson and Vaughn use such very emotionally mature language throughout the story (due to being divorce mediators, of course) despite being so dudely in every other way. 

Shampoo (1975)

The perfect, grimy attention to detail in these late 60s / early 70s time capsules like Shampoo is so much more engaging and rewarding than whatever today's glossy meme-ified and boardroom designed hits are trying to do.