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Macbeth (2021)

If you can follow Shakespeare’s dialogue or are a fan of Macbeth, the intriguing directorial choices in this adaptation are a real treat - I especially appreciated the stark simplicity and restraint in the setting. 
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Money Men by Dan McCrum

This detailed history of the financial fraud of Wirecard and investigations by the FT to expose it starts off dense and slow (I mean, financial fraud isn’t exactly riveting stuff) but really takes off, and by the end I was totally hooked. 

filth by irvine welsh

Even though this may be the most disturbing, messed up and disgusting book I’ve ever read, I have to give Welsh credit for simultaneously inhabiting the mind of a psychopath quite believably while fully conveying the humanity of his subject.

Le fil by Camille (2005 album)

I can't stress enough how much this album resonates with me, from the sparse production to the beautiful french singing to the lovely vocal harmonies - and it's a true album, as in, it flows through from start to finish, with storytelling pacing and many unifying elements.

syriana (2005)

despite having a confusing plot, about 5 too many main characters, and being constructed of short scenes that never quite give you a grasp of what’s happening, the political intriguing is engrossing and cool.