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Showing posts from April, 2023

subnautica (2014)

I don’t often play video games, but when I do I like to pick a really deep, immersive, beautiful experience to become completely obsessed with to the point that I can’t think about anything else, sink 53 hours into it enjoying every minute of it, and then never play it again - and subnautica was perfect. 

roger and me (1989)

 there’s a lot to like about this anti capitalist documentary about flint michigan, especially considering the more recent water catastrophe there decades after this movie was made, but like all michael moore’s docs, I’m always left with a slightly bad taste in my mouth- I just think he bends the truth a little and his causes would be better served with more direct honesty.

Dr. Feelgood (2016)

This documentary about the oxycontin epidemic was frustrating - really well made and really thought provoking, but skipping past some of the most interesting conversations between Dr. Hurwitz and his family, which the filmmakers clearly had on film.