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Showing posts from June, 2023

slow horses by mick herron

I tore thru this very british spy thriller, and fully intend on reading the rest - it didn’t have the prose of a le carrĂ© (some key moments were really quite clunky), and it was a touch predictable, but the characters were solid and i have a feeling his writing will improve with the newer books. 

tesis (1996)

This Spanish thriller was superlative in almost every way - great audio, cinematography, acting, complex characters - definitely not for the faint of heart but really provocative in all the right ways. 

Ataturk by Patrick Kinross

This famous biography about kemal ataturk was very helpful for being a less familiar perspective on the 1910s-30s, and kept me engrossed and interested 90% of the time, despite being written 60 years ago about a country of which I was wholly ignorant. 

the hobbit (1977)

As an interesting curio this old animated adaptation of the hobbit is full of weird voices and fun creepy animations, but as a good movie in its own right it suffers from uneven voice acting and plotting. 

donnie darko (2001)

Loved it as a kid, thought it was dumb in my 20s, now I’ve come back around on this classic sci-fi emo thriller, not only did it inspire a whole raft of culture in its wake, it’s honestly pretty inspiring and touching.