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barbarians at the gate by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar

I love a book that wants to get to the bottom of a complicated situation, and spares no expense or detail in doing so (even at the risk of making the reader endure the fact that there are dozens of rich white dude characters all named almost the same thing - looking at you james roberts and jim robertson), a book that really fully and truly explains the depths of something important. 


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donnie darko (2001)

Loved it as a kid, thought it was dumb in my 20s, now I’ve come back around on this classic sci-fi emo thriller, not only did it inspire a whole raft of culture in its wake, it’s honestly pretty inspiring and touching. 

dulevoz train videos youtube channel

dulevoz  is a mesmerizing collection of lengthy high-def videos from trains traveling through Serbia and Montenegro, made with obvious care and love for the trains and the view. 

contact 1997

Both the sci-fi elements and the scientist characters are really fun and involving in this carl sagan book adaptation - but on the other hand the love interest is really annoying and the movie should’ve been 30 minutes shorter.